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Growing Your Audience on Instagram: Tips for Increasing Followers

Since the inception of Instagram, it has been the number one social media platform for sharing photos. Instagram has quickly captured the hearts and minds of almost every millennial around the world and continues to grow in popularity by selling products. If you are interested in making a name for yourself on Instagram, then these tips will help promote your account and make it more visible. You can visit goread to read more.

Use a Unique Filter

Perhaps the most important tip regarding increasing your Instagram followers is to use a singular, yet different, filter. It’s very tempting to use the same filters they see on every other account, but trust me when I say that you want to stand out. Not only will this differentiate your account from others, but it will also create brand recognition for your followers. If someone happens across one of your photos and likes it enough to follow you, then he or she will have no trouble finding similar looking images from that point forward.

Create a Custom Name for Your Account

Instagram is all about photos. When someone follows you, it’s not uncommon for them to look through your entire profile before clicking follow. If you make the account name easy to read and remember, then the likelihood of him or her remembering more about you will increase substantially. What’s more, if someone does happen to stumble upon your account and click on it accidentally, he or she will have no problem finding it later on.

Use the Hashtag Game Strategically

Without a doubt, hashtags are the number one way to increase your visibility on Instagram. If you are not using hashtags, your account will not be found by others who might like your content. Some common strategies include making a unique hashtag for your account, using punctuation to make it searchable and using acronyms that are easier to form when using the keyboard.

Share Interesting Things

The secret to growing your audience on Instagram is to provide interesting content each and every day. If you’re only posting the same old photos, then you’re going to get very few followers. If you are sharing images that do not follow the standard by which everyone else does, then it’ll be a lot harder for your account to be discovered.